Useful Information

General cruise specifications

Q: What distance should we travel to arrive at departure point?
R: City R: KM R: Duration
Quebec City - Baie-Ste-Catherine 210 2 hrs 30 min
Quebec City - Tadoussac 212 2 hrs 45 min
Quebec City - Rivière-du-Loup 200 2 hrs 05 min
Quebec City – Trois-Rivières 126 1 hrs 15 min
Montreal – Quebec City 260 2 hrs 40 min
Montreal - Baie-Ste-Catherine 470 5 hrs 05 min
Montreal - Tadoussac 475 5 hrs 10 min
Montreal - Rivière-du-Loup 436 4 hrs 25 min
Montreal – Trois-Rivières 141 1 hrs 37 min


Q: Can we get closer to the whales in a zodiac?

A: No, the regulations set by the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park are very clear on this subject.


All watercrafts operating on the St. Lawrence River must respect the same approach standards: from 0 to 100 meters if the boat is stationary or 200 meters if in motion.

Q: What is the best time of year or the best time of day to see whales?

A: Most of the species observed in the St. Lawrence estuary arrive gradually in the Tadoussac / Baie-Ste-Catherine Region in April and May, every year. Once the river is free of ice, whale observations begin.  There is no better time of day to see whales. Because whales are in their natural environment, they can be observed at all times. You just have to be on the lookout!

Q: Does the cruise take place even if it rains?

A: Unless the weather presents a danger for the security of the passengers, cruises are not cancelled due to rain.

Q: Do we see fewer whales on the 2-hour zodiac cruise?

A: No, the chance of seeing whales is the same on the 2- or 3-hour cruise.  On a 2-hour cruise, we go directly to the whale observation site and if there isn’t enough time, we won’t enter the Saguenay Fjord at the end of the cruise.

Q: Do we need special clothing for a whale watching cruise?

A: Yes, wear closed shoes (not sandals) long pants, a long sleeved sweater, gloves and a hat.  For the zodiac cruise, Croisières AML provides a suit with an integrated life jacket.

Q: What is the dress code on board your boats for dinner cruises?

A: Although there is no specific dress code, we suggest business casual attire.

Q: Do you accommodate food allergies in your dining rooms?

A: Yes, simply mention any food allergies to your agent when booking your dinner cruise in advance or to your waiter (waitress) in the dining room.  Our restaurant service will be advised and your meal will be prepared accordingly.

Q: Can we bring our lunch aboard ?

No food or drinks may be brought on our boats during the day and the night cruises aboard the AML Louis Jolliet, AML Cavalier Maxim and on the AML Suroit.


Small snacks only will be tolerated on the whale-watching cruises aboard the AMLGrand Fleuve, the AML Zéphyr and on the AML Levant. They are also tolerated on the Discovery cruise aboard the AML Zéphyr.