The AML experience

Safety aboard the boats

At Croisières AML, our quality service always puts passenger safety first. Each of our ships must meet very specific Transport Canada certification and licensing standards and regulations.


As a result, all our ships and officers are fully certified by Transport Canada and Transport Québec.

Safety on board our ships

Safety on board our ships

  • All crew members must take the MED (Marine Emergency Duties) Course and refresher courses on a regular basis;
  • Each crew must conduct a fire or abandon ship drill every two weeks;
  • All crew members are trained for and assigned a specific emergency duty. All ships are equipped with modern electronic equipment;
  • All safety gear fully complies with Transport Canada Ship Safety regulations and undergoes stringent inspections on a regular basis.



Safety on board our zodiacs

Safety on board our zodiacs

  • Our safety standards exceed those of Transport Canada;
  • Each passenger is equipped with a personal flotation suit;
  • Our boats are unsinkable, have two motors in case of a breakdown and are fully equipped with life jackets and a lifeboat;
  • All are specially designed to operate on the open sea and equipped with two high-performance diesel motors;
  • We use non-explosive fuel (diesel);
  • Modern navigation equipment (radar, radio, etc.) for fast and efficient emergency communications;
  • Each boat is fully inspected after every 250 hours of service, four times more frequently than required by Transport Canada;
  • The children must have 6 years old to participate in a zodiac cruise.


Recommendations on board our zodiacs

Zodiac excursions are, in certain cases, not advisable, even prohibited to certain people such as, but not restricted to:

  • Young children (under the age of 6);
  •  Pregnant women;
  •  People suffering from articulation, back or autonomy problems.
As a passenger, you assume all inherent risks to this type of excursions, such as loss, injury or damage to the person or property, and you agree to hold harmless, for any claim, present or future, the ship owner, its servants, agents or others.


The carrier reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse any person on board, if in the opinion of the Captain, such a person could constitute a danger to him/herself or to others.


You must absolutely follow the Captain’s instructions and remain seated at all times.